Man in a suit and red tie writing on a piece of paper with another mans hands moving compliance program.

Legal compliance covers a multitude of topics which vary by company depending on operational and legal needs. Some common topics are anti-bribery and anti-corruption, insider trading, U.S. sanctions and anti-boycott rules, and anti-trust. While it may seem overwhelming, a measured and efficient approach to compliance is achievable, and can be implemented without compromising business goals.

While programs vary, each generally contain:

  • A written policy statement and manual
  • Rollout and training modules
  • Annual checklists and certifications
  • Reporting and analysis methods and intervals

The Cormier Firm represents years of experience in drafting and successfully implementing Compliance Programs across companies operating both domestically and internationally. The Firm can develop a right-size program that addresses your company’s needs to stay compliant with minimal bottom line impact.