three professionals meeting and discussing counsel services

Generally, the last position hired in a management team is legal counsel.  This makes complete sense in that companies focus on operations and sales, and often there is not enough work to justify a full-time legal resource in the initial stages of a company‚Äôs development. However, access to experienced counsel on an as-needed basis can help avert legal issues that can cripple a company, especially in the context of compliance, governance, contracts, and disputes. It is also especially helpful if a relationship between counsel and management is developed over time so that counsel has a deep understanding of the business such that the advice provided can be informed, relevant, and practical.  

The best solution is to work with counsel that has the in-house experience relevant to the business, but on a right-size basis so that the legal spend represents value. The Firm is well-suited to provide that level of experienced legal support, which can be provided onsite, offsite, or a combination of both.