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When buyers come knocking, whether the initial discussions result in further interest can be largely dependent on the state of the target company’s legal landscape.  It is common for companies, especially younger companies, to pay more attention to operations and sales than to back-office organization. Especially when a buyer has multiple targets, the initial go/no-go decision can be heavily influenced on the state of the target’s governance and compliance functions. After all, a buyer is interested in generating a return on investment and not in unraveling or fixing thorny legal issues, especially if the extent of those issues is not clearly understood and addressed by management.    

Additionally, most companies seek investors to fund growth at some point. Investors seek the best possible return with as much control over the functions and prospects of the investment target. For management teams that do not have experience in this area, engaging investors (who generally have a great deal of experience) on an even basis can be difficult. The key is to combine management expertise in the business with legal expertise in the investment arena so that the resulting deal is the optimal fit.  

The Firm has the experience to prepare for and navigate the various stages of buying, selling and starting-up businesses, as well as the funding mechanisms that are prevalent in today’s market. After working on successful deals varying in size from six to 10 figures, you can rely on the Firm’s expertise to get your deal done. Additionally, the Firm has a developed network of legal and professional services that are scalable to accommodate a deal of any size. This means that your deal will receive the right-size level of expertise at a reasonable cost.